89th Infantry Division

pc - USA by x-herbana-x
Posted on 09 Mar 2018

Server: America

If you love to play the objective, coordinate with your squad, and play tactically, then the 89th Infantry Division is for you!

The 89th is a new Battlefield 1 Platoon looking for new members! If you have comms but nobody to talk to, or are sick and tired of joining squads that sit around and don't play the objective, then look no further. We're a casual mil-sim division based on a WWI rifle platoon. Our command element manages the platoon and works with squad leaders to handle in-game operational tactics. All we ask of you is to be a team player and have fun!

What we offer:

* TeamSpeak
* Discord
* Website and Forum
* BF1 Platoon and Emblem
* Organized game nights

Sound like something that interests you? Then find us http://89th.net now! We look forward to seeing you in-game!


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