Angry Anarchy (PS4) We are recruiting dedicated players for Competitive & Friendly matches!

ps4 - English (UK) by Xyxtus
Posted on 30 Jul 2017

Server: Europe

Angry Anarchy PS4 Platoon is Recruiting!!

Looking for Competitive player and Social players that would be interested in building on an existing team to play:

*Domination (5v5+)
*Frontlines (Currently building a bigger squad for Competitive games)
*Conquest (Currently building a bigger squad for Competitive games)

If you are interested please look us up in the in-game platoon system (Angry Anarchy)....

Also message us directly for more information on PSN:

American Admin - AngryAnarchy_Fox
UK Admin's - Xyxus & BowlerBazza1
Irish Admin - Angry_Anarchy_X
European Admin's - JamDougie1984 & The__Rubberduck

You can also message us on our Facebook public gaming page:

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you guys on the field soon!



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