[sNs] Soldiers Never Sleep is looking for laidback gamers

ps4 - English (UK) by MrThomArt
Posted on 01 Aug 2017

Server: Europe

sNs, short for “Soldiers Never Sleep”, is recruiting for our PS4/PC gaming community. This community has been playing a set of different games since 2011, but the Battlefield series always is our focus. We have been having a strong presence with our own servers for almost 6 years now.

We are an international community, although most of our guys (and girls!) and from Europe or the GMT timezone. With our own Discord server we are able to stay in touch easily on PC and mobile, with easy to use voice channels dedicated to different games or situations. We are a casual community above anything else. We will always value the player and his/her personality over the K/D or SPM.

www.snsclan.com to apply!


    Looking forward to meeting all new recruits :)

    by iiSpongealot

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