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xbox skill:high

All Luck No Skill recruiting skilled players

xbox - by Hoops j
Posted on 17 Jun 2017

Server: America

Looking to recruit skilled players with over 1.5 kd and 1000 spm. We are looking to dominate the public matches and 12v12 matches against other teams in the future. Don't get me wrong we are a fun bunch as well BUT we also top the scoreboards. I prefer people on the east coast so that we are on the same time to increase time played together. Most members play at night time and play about 5 nights a week. This is NOT A CLAN, we are a small sized organized platoon. We will max at 24 players. We are very active so if you don't play that much then don't bother. Message H00PS J (they're zeros) if interested to tryout.


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