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xbox - USA by rG A7X
Posted on 31 Aug 2017

Server: America

Hey guys, zDerezzed here and I just wanted to ask you one question. Are you tired of playing the team oriented game of Battlefield 1 solo with people not playing the objective? If you are, then rG is the fix for your problem. We're a newer clan, but we've built a solid membership base and have some awesome forums to boot. Rapture Gaming is an active and friendly community with well minded gamers alike. We are a community of mature gamers looking to have fun and also competitive play. We host weekly game nights for our different battalions that are within the community. You will never have to play alone since we have members worldwide and on all times of the day. Requirements: -working headset -17 or older -good and positive attitude towards fellow members Thank you for your time! -zDerezzed

We're open to anyone from any region, but we are based out of the U.S.

Age is 17+, age option didn't have it.

Edit: As per the spring update, we now have a platoon in-game welcome to our members!


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