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TFC Trench Foot Clan - Recruiting (US)

xbox - USA by Dalphalpho
Posted on 07 Jul 2017

Server: America

Mature clan looking for players to join our team. We're looking for players that like to have fun but are serious about playing as a team. We're made up of mostly guys 25+ years old from all time zones (US) and a couple overseas. We understand jobs, family, etc get in the way and don't require any mandatory time online. We try to all get online on Friday nights/weekends together but we have active guys on all the time to team up with if weekends don't work for you. We also participate in clan matches if that interests you.

- must have mic
- must ptfo (we want team first, objective based players not players worried about stats)
- looking for mature players (25+ years old, but always can make exceptions)
- join our discord channel

We use Discord to communicate as a team outside of Xbox. It's legit for teaming up together.
Apply here:

If you want to know more or are interested in joining, hit me up.

Gamer tag: dalphalpho


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